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Your core is the answer- balance, strength, and flexibility

People come to Allegro Moves for physical and emotional nourishment. The combination of mind and body exercises of Allegro Moves Fitness provides:

  • A fitter, leaner body

  • Improved posture and balance

  • Increased body awareness

  • Improved concentration

  • Greater flexibility and better range of motion

  • Better overall health, energy and vitality

  • Natural weight loss

  • Lower levels of stress and tension​

The concept of mind-body connection is not new and it is often said that exercise can help ward off depression as well as relieve stress. Perhaps you have tried other forms of exercise but feel something is missing. Allegro Moves is the answer!​

What Allegro Moves Offers

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Allegro helps balance mind, body, and spirit for physical well-being. Your first class is always FREE. Book now!

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Welcome to Allegro Performing Arts! 

​APA offers a complete professional program for children and adults in dance, music and theater.

1211 Farmington Lakes Dr.

Oswego, IL 60543
Have questions, call: 630-818-6608

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