Why should you choose

Allegro Performing Arts?

"Pre-professional ballet technique and proper body mechanics (re: fewer/no injuries!) equals stronger dancers, and that's what Allegro offers to our community."-APA/Allegro Ballet Parent 2019

Our Staff

  • Our Director has training in child development, anatomy/physiology and Pilates accompanied by extensive dance pedagogy and professional performance experience and network. She sets the standard for all staff hired and curriculum used to ensure dancers learn and grow in a safe, encouraging and age appropriate environment.

  • Allegro instructors are extensively trained and possess college degrees, most have worked professionally in the industry.

  • All classes are led or supervised by experienced instructors; no classes are independently led by student teachers.

  • Class length and content is appropriate for both dancer age and physical ability.

  • Allegro staff is available to answer questions during teaching hours.

  • An Allegro Ballet instructor accompanies new pointe dancers to their first pointe shoe fitting.


  • Allegro offers classes for ages 2-adult.

  • Class sizes are kept small to allow personalized attention.

  • Allegro requires age appropriate costumes, choreography and music.

  • We provide a path for every type of dancer – recreational, competition and pre-professional.

  • Dancers are able to find balance between their varied interests in their school, community and dance. Allegro dancers have taken the skills they have learned to build successful careers in dance, fashion, physical therapy, medicine, business, music and much more.

  • Allegro teaches the Vagonova method and brings in guest instructors to provide dancers exposure to other styles such as Balanchine and Bournonville.

  • Allegro offers multiple performance opportunities beyond annual recital for all dancers age 4 and up.

  • Our performances are held at multiple venues, including the historic Sandwich Opera House, giving dancers exposure to various stages and audiences.

  • We are a full performing arts school offering dance, music and theater in the same facility.

  • We are partnered with Allegro Moves to offer fitness; many times parents can take a fitness class while your dancer is in class.

  • We invest in the community through performance and lecture demonstrations, educating the community about the arts.


  • Allegro is located in safe residential area, away from high traffic commercial areas and industrial parks.

  • Our studio, instructors, and curriculum are designed to reduce risk of injury by focusing on proper technique and ensuring that class exercises and physical requirements are age appropriate.

Welcome to Allegro Performing Arts! 

​APA offers a complete professional program for children and adults in dance, music and theater.

1211 Farmington Lakes Dr.

Oswego, IL 60543
Have questions, call: 630-818-6608

Email: info@allegro-performingarts.com

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